Memorial Brick Pavers

St Francis of Assisi parish will be adding to our Garden of Beatitudes!
A section of it will be for a shrine see picture below and memorial brick pavers dedicated to those you love…
leave a lasting memorial for years to come.
Brick Location Choice #1
Premium Brick $200 - These bricks will be placed on the inside of the San Damiano cross and will be color of the middle brick in the picture.
Brick Location Choice #2
Standard Brick $100 - These bricks will be a mosaic around the San Damiano Cross shape and you have a choice of 2 brick colors.
Additionally, you will have the options of Text only, Logo w/Text, Logo only.
Order online here:
If you have questions or to pay by cash/check contact Jill Carelli 914-666-3161
Please support this beautiful addition to our Garden….