WeShare Online Giving



We are pleased to announce St. Francis of Assisi will now offer WeShare, an electronic giving program.   WeShare is an easy way to include your church offering in your monthly budget and provides for support of your church even when you may not be able to attend Mass here because of sickness or travel.

WeShare Electronic Giving is an easy and alternative method of supporting our parish.  In lieu of weekly collections and envelopes, the WeShare program will collect contributions from your checking, saving or credit card account, based on the giving schedule you choose (weekly, monthly, annually).  There is NO cost to you to participate in this program.

 Some of the benefits are:

  •  You budget your gifts to the parish like your other financial commitments
  • There is no need to catch up on missed offertory donations when you miss Mass

  • You can adjust the amount of your electronic contribution through a secure website

  • You no longer need to write a check every week

  • Less paper in the mail as you will no longer need weekly envelopes.  The parish will save the cost of postage as well

  • You will automatically receive a donation receipt each time a payment is made and a summary in January for tax purposes


Parish Pay is not only a convenient way for you to give, but also strengths you as a steward of our parish by ensuring your commitment.  You can sign up with this program by visiting www.sfamountkisco.churchgiving.com or call 800-950-9952.