Building Use Form

Apr 7, 2015

Help us get organized!  Please use this form to reserve a room for you group or group function.

We have become a very active parish and want to make sure there are no conflicts with your groups meeting place / time or planned function.  For the safety and security of all parish members, we need to be aware of all who use our building.  From time to time, areas of the parish facility become unavailable for use - whether it be for emergency purposes or other functions occurring in the parish and we will need to reach the head of your group to cancel or move you meeting location. 

Help us help you...please full out and return this form to the rectory...

We require the form to be filled out whether your group is an established group and has an established meeting time and place within the parish facility or you wish to have a once a year function or meeting within the parish facility.  Once forms are received by the rectory they will be reviewed, approved/denied and written on the master calendar.