St. Francis Yearbook

Jan 4, 2016

You are part of our church's history, so be included in our yearbook!

Schedule your date today by contacting the rectory - individuals, couples, families and parish groups are encouraged to have their photo taken and be included in our yearbook.  Our portrait company, LifeTouch will be at Saint Francis of Assisi for two days in February.  The portraits take only a few minutes and are FREE of charge. We want all our parishioner to be included and in exchange for being included in our yearbook, you will receive one FREE 8 x 10 color photo and one FREE copy of the St. Francis Yearbook, additional pictures and yearbooks can be purchased directly from LifeTouch.

The Saint Francis of Assisi Yearbook will contain an updated account of the parish’s history, currently being prepared by Art Walkley.

Photography Sessions:

Friday, February12th 2:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday, February 13th  10:00am-5:00pm

Contact the rectory at 666-5986 to schedule your session.