ESP Shelter Week - Jan 11th -17th

Jan 4, 2016

We will be hosting the Emergency Shelter the week of Monday, January 11th through Monday morning January 18th.  As in the past, you help and support is greatly appreciated.  The following is needed for the week:

  • Dinners for each night of the week
  • Sandwiches for each day of the week
  • Individuals to help serve dinner and breakfast each day of the week
  • An individual to spend the night and accompany the overnight staff member from ESP each night of the week
  • Items like:  chips, water bottles, juice, snacks for lunch bags, boxes of cereal, breakfast items, cookies, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, fruit cups

Contact us to help out!  JoAnne Hochstein 648-0032 or Beth Mannion 774-4693